Yasin Sebastian Qureshi




Film Producer


Founder and Head of Strategy at Aqua Digital Rising Ltd. www.aquarising.com


Founder and former CEO of Varengold Bank AG, IPO’d in 2007, started as an algo trading hedge fund, developed into an investment bank, later on into a commercial bank with offices in Germany, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. At the age of 29 Yasin was the youngest person ever in Germany to obtain a license to run an investment bank.


Founder and former CEO of The Naga Group AG, IPO’d in 2017, FinTech and social investing platform. NAGA´s shareholders are China’s largest private conglomerate; FOSUN as well as Germany´s second oldest bank Hauck & Aufhaeuser (founded 1796)

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Passion to Wealth

The Mountain Climber's Shortcut

How the gears of international high finance mesh together is still a mystery to most people. But don't worry: the same applies to the big fish in the industry...

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Managed Futures

Insure your portfolio: Opportunities, mechanisms and strategies

Despite its almost 50-year history, the asset class of managed futures is virtually unknown to German investors. At the same time, they offer attractive returns with acceptable risks... 

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Financial Revolution on the Horizon

How digital networking, blockchain and connectivity are creating billions of new customers and a fresh financial market

Too high costs, cumbersome processes, misguided incentives and, above all, more isolated divisional solutions. A financial system with methods and processes from the day before yesterday characterizes our banking...

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Reset - The Blockchain Revolution


The financial crisis of 2008 has completely shaken the world. The invention of the blockchain technology could be seen as an answer to the current financial system. In any case, there has been a rethink. In this film, experts outline the future of a financial system based on blockchain technology.

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The future is now

The paradigm shift has begun

NAGA enables everyone to turn their passion, skills or simply time into wealth and financial independence. We do this through a daily focus on producing and improving our high-end technologies that give our users completely new opportunities. Our all-encompassing universe is designed to democratize prosperity and financially empower every person in the world.

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